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Gutter Guards are a large part of our business as roof plumbers.

When we are installing gutters or replacing gutters, the question about gutter guards and keeping the gutters clear or downpipes unclogged is a topic we are always asked about.


There are two main styles of gutter guards, or some people may call them leaf guards. Be aware that you may need to get further advice about gutter guards if you are in a bushfire area. Please see the NSW Rural Fire Services Page .

Gutter Guards are recommended for homes in some areas. Please see this page from the NSW Rural Fire Service about preparing your property

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Clogged gutters are a big deal. 

Truthfully – It’s better to have no gutters than a clogged gutter because it leads to overflowing gutters. 

This leads to internal water damage, rotten fascia boards and even damage to your foundations. If there are large trees near your home, you need a plan to keep your gutters clean and flowing freely. Gutter guards can be very good at ensuring that gutters and downpipes keep the rainwater flowing freely. 
If your garden has numerous trees, a gutter guard system may save you from your gutters from clogging. We only recommend properly installed, high quality gutter guards.

What are the different types of gutter guards?

There are several main types of gutter guards. Each offers a different solution depending on what is best for your home. There are 2 types of leaf guards that we install and these are determined on what sort of leaf litter and how much you have to deal with. You can read more about them here

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How do gutter guards work?

Gutter guards are also known as gutter grates, helmets or covers.  Gutter covers can be a great tool when properly installed and maintained, but they are not worry-free. 
As a rule of thumb, gutter guards do not provide one hundred percent protection from debris. 
They do, however, help you reduce the annual expense of maintenance, cleaning and upkeep.

All Gutters Must Be Cleaned

A 100 % maintenance-free gutter protection system does not exist. 

As we have mentioned above – we do install self cleaning gutters – the HALF ROUND GUTTER

Please see our guttering page to see the different styles we install including the half round that is self cleaning.
But even the best gutter guard systems can be completely destroyed by excess leaf litter, falling branches and heavy hail.

Regardless of what you install, someone will always have to get on the roof or a ladder to remove large debris and check that the gutters are not full of fine particles and silt. 
If this is not done, over time your gutters will clog up. Eventually the build up will cause overflowing of rainwater and this is where the water damage starts.
Debris in the gutters will also cause corrosion in your gutters and in extreme cases become too heavy and the gutters will bend and even pull away.
We recommend using a gutter cleaning company on a regular basis to clean your gutters thoroughly and they will also look after the gutter guard system at the same time.

Do gutter guards work? 

The answer is not always simple, and there are advantages and disadvantages. Your gutters catch everything including twigs, dirt, roof runoff and leaf litter.

Without regular gutter cleaning or protection, your gutters fill up with heavy debris that can cause serious damage if left unchecked. This is why installing suitable gutters with the gutter guard will really help keep your gutters free flowing.
Gutter guards are part of the solution to look after your home from water damage.
Experts agree that while gutter guards don’t provide 100 per cent protection against clogging, they do drastically reduce annual gutter cleaning maintenance. 

Beware of exaggerated promises

Beware of promises that you will never have to clean your gutters again. In reality, gutter covers do not keep out all debris. 
If your area is windy and has a lot of bushland, twigs, leaves and blossoms can still get into your gutters. With a gutter screen or gutter cover, it will be harder to tell when debris is accumulating. 

You will need to clean the top of your gutter guards throughout the year to ensure that water continues to drain into your gutters, and you will need to remove and clean any debris that enters your gutters.

Beware of the wrong guards

You can have gutter guards professionally fitted, but you can also buy them online or from DIY stores and fit them yourself. A DIY solution can save you money, but it’s easy to buy the wrong kind of gutter guard that’s not suitable for your home. 

If you DIY, make sure you measure and install correctly. If you don’t fit and fix them properly, your gutter guards can do more harm than good. To minimise the risk of improper installation, have your gutter guards installed by professionals. 
We will recommend the best type of guards for your home and install them the right way.

Pay attention to the problems.

Your gutters work with the roof structure to direct water away from your home. 
If you don’t keep an eye on your gutters and guards, problems can lead to damage. 
It is also important to know that cleaning your gutters and guards can be dangerous. 
Removing gutter covers for thorough cleaning can result in falls from ladders, and depending on the materials used for the covers, you can also expect sharp edges. 
If you choose a gutter protection system, be prepared for a different type of maintenance to ensure that your gutters and roof continue to work together harmoniously. 

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Are gutter guards suitable for your home?

There is no wrong or right answer. Leaf Guards can reduce the amount of annual maintenance required. 

But they are not 100% maintenance free.  Get in contact with us today to discuss new gutters and gutter guards

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