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Downpipe Installation Central Coast

A downpipe transfers water from your gutters to the stormwater drain or water tank. When choosing the size and shape of downpipe, it must be considered how much water will be travelling down each individual downpipe, and how much leaf matter will be entering the gutter system. With the installation of a gutter guard system, this consideration is removed as no leaves will enter the gutter system. PVC downpipes are used widely with water tank systems.
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Downpipe Sizes and Shapes

Aesthetic elements can also be considered in terms of both shape and colour, with either rectangular or round shapes fitting in with the style of each individual home. Downpipes also come in a range of colours, which can be fitted either matching the gutter system, or in a different colour, possibly matching the wall colour.

With a wide variety of sizes, colours, materials and functionality levels to choose from, AWS Roofing can recommend the right solutions for your home.

Our Downpipe Products

All Downpipes are available in 1.8m, 2.4m & 3.6m lengths.
Downpipes are also available in 90mm or 100mm PVC, widely used in conjunction with above ground water tanks.

100 x 50mm

Volume in 1.8m length 9 litres.
Flow Capacity 3.5 litres per second.

100 x 75mm

Volume in 1.8m length 13.5 litres.
Flow Capacity 4.4 litres per second

90mm Round Downpipe

Volume in 1.8m length 11.44 litres.
Flow Capacity of 90mm 4.2 litres per second

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