Gutter Guards Central Coast

Gutter Guard Central Coast Installation

Gutter guards help with the  leaf matter build up. This is a  problem for gutter systems, especially in areas with large amounts of trees. Blocked gutters can be a fire risk, can create undue stress on the edge of your roof, and can lead to contamination of water tanks with organic residues. The installation of a gutter guard system avoids problems such as blockages, rust, and overflows. Gutter guard mesh is also excellent for vermin control as it prevents birds, possums, rats, mice and other vermin from entering your roof space, gutter systems and your water tank.

Gutter guards are available in a range of materials and styles (Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Zincalume), specifically applied to varying degrees of leaf problems.
  • All safety requirements adhered to
  • 15-year warranty on all leaf guard products
  • Fire rating of zero for Zinc, Aluminium & Stainless leaf guards

Light to Medium Leaf Problems

Consider having gutter guards installed when you get your gutters replaced

For light to medium leaf problems, an internal Zincalume leaf guard system may be suitable, which sits inside the gutter above the internal brackets and stops leaves reaching the lower section of the gutter, allowing a clear area for water to flow.
This cost-effective system involves a small amount of maintenance, as it is necessary for the built-up leaf matter to be periodically removed from above the leaf guard system. This leaf guard system is not visible from any point, and therefore is only available in a non-painted finish.

Medium to High Leaf Problems

For more serious leaf problems an external mesh leaf guard system is more suitable. This mesh system comes in 3 options: a U.V. stabilised mesh made from a very high-quality polyethylene, or an aluminium or stainless steel fire rated mesh.

The mesh follows the slope of the roof and allows any material to slide straight off whilst the water flows through the mesh into the gutter. This removes any need for maintenance as the leaf matter removal is totally automated by gravity.

The mesh is available in a wide range of colours to match almost any roof colour, allowing it to seamlessly become a part of any roof.

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Keeping your gutters clear from leaf litter and debris is an important part that not only prolongs the life of your gutters.
Wet leaves speed up corrosion and attract insects and vermin.
Keeping your gutters clear and clean also safe guards your home from water damage during heavy rainfall.
Keeping clean and clear gutters is also essential if you live in a bush fire area.

Gutter Guards

Gutter guards or leaf guards snuggly fit into your gutters and stop the leaf litter from settling into your gutters

Leaf Divertors

If you are in an area with heavy leaf litter, leaf divertors add an extra layer of protection from tree litter clogging your down pipes and causing your gutters to overflow

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