Metal Roofing Gorokan

This was a 50-60 year old brown concrete tiled roof in Gorokan
The clients had dealt with years of roof leaks, water damage and subsequent mould issues . They had tried to fix the roof several times but the attempts failed.

AWS Roofing was called to inspect the roof and we found that the existing roof tiles were very brittle and porous.
This caused the concrete tiles to become extremely waterlogged.
Each time it rained, the porous tiles would soak up the roof water.
This led to the tiles becoming extremely heavy, almost double the weight to that of a dry non porous tile.

The additional weight of the roof impacted the existing timber roof structure below, causing significant bowing and warping.
This movement was causing the tiles to crack and tile capping to move and break and to have the constant roof leaks.
The constant wet tiles and the roof leaks created the perfect environment for mould growth.
The home was also at risk of the roof structure from collapsing from a roof that had nearly doubled in weight.

We advised the client that a metal roof replace met would give them a light weight, leak proof roof that will last for many decades.

Roof before gorkan

Roofing Work We Did:

Our team of 8 experienced tradesmen completed this entire job in one day.

  • All the tiles removed
  • Warped and Bowed Trusses straightened
  • New zincalume roof battens installed
  • 55mm Anti-Condensation insulation blanket installed
  • New corrugated Colorbond metal roof and cappings in Basalt installed.

The only evidence left of AWS Roofing being there, was a brand new colorbond roof supplied by AllCoast Roofing supplies and an extremely happy customer that now has a brand new leak free roof now and for many, many years to come.