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Gutter Guards: Are They Beneficial?

In Australia, the benefits of gutter guards stand out vividly, especially considering the unique climatic conditions and varied landscape. These protective devices, fitted over your gutters, perform a crucial role in maintaining the integrity and longevity of your home.
By understanding their advantages, homeowners can decide if they are right for your home.

gutter guards

The Different Types Of Gutter Guards

Ar AWS Roofing, we install the highest quality guard that we professionally install.
There are some DIY type guards on the market as well.

Mesh gutter guards,These guards consist of a metal or plastic mesh that covers the gutters. The fine mesh design is adept at keeping out smaller debris like leaves and twigs.

Surface tension gutter guards, also known as helmet-style guards. These are more advanced and typically more expensive. They work on the principle of surface tension to allow water to flow into the gutter while debris falls off the edge. Their installation usually requires professional help as they need to align precisely with the roof’s slope.

Micro-mesh gutter guards, the premium option that we install. These combine the benefits of mesh guards with even finer filtration capabilities, effectively blocking almost all types of debris, including tiny particles. They are highly durable and offer the best protection, but they are also the most expensive and often require professional installation.

Each grade of gutter guard in Australia caters to different requirements, from basic protection to advanced debris filtering. Homeowners need to consider factors like the type of foliage around their house, the local weather, and their budget when choosing the right gutter guard.

In regions where eucalyptus trees shed copious amounts of leaves and bark, gutters can quickly become clogged. This debris not only impedes water flow but can also pose a fire hazard, especially in bushfire-prone areas.
Gutter guards effectively keep out leaves, twigs, and other natural litter, ensuring that gutters remain clear and functional.

gutter guards

More Benefits That Gutter Guards Offer

Water damage prevention is another key benefit. When gutters clog, water can overflow and seep into the foundations or walls of your home, leading to costly repairs. By keeping gutters clear, guards help prevent water from backing up and causing damage.

Gutter guards also play a role in pest control. Birds, rodents, and insects often nest in debris-filled gutters, leading to infestations. By keeping gutters clean, guards reduce the likelihood of these pests making your home their own.

Cleaning gutters is a time-consuming and sometimes dangerous task, requiring homeowners to climb ladders and manually remove debris. With gutter guards, this chore is significantly reduced, allowing more time for enjoying the quintessential Australian lifestyle. This benefit resonates strongly in a culture that values outdoor activities and leisure.

Moreover, gutter guards contribute to rainwater harvesting efficiency. Many Australian homes use rainwater tanks for gardening or as an alternative water source. Clean gutters mean uncontaminated water, ensuring that rainwater collection is more efficient and safe for use.
If you are collecting rainwater, we also recommend you install leaf divertors.

The longevity of gutters themselves is enhanced by guards. By preventing blockages and the accumulation of damp debris, these guards help to protect the gutters from rust and corrosion. This means less frequent need for replacement, a cost-effective benefit for homeowners.

Gutter Guards And The Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) system

The Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) system, indeed a crucial framework in Australia, directly influences recommendations for gutter guards in bushfire-prone areas.
See Bushfire Information From Central Coast Local Council

Gutter guards can play a significant role in bushfire defense by preventing the accumulation of flammable debris in gutters, which can be a major risk factor during bushfires. However, the effectiveness and appropriateness of gutter guards depend on the specific BAL rating of the area.

For regions with lower BAL ratings, like BAL-LOW to BAL-19, standard gutter guards can be effective. These areas face a moderate risk of ember attack, and gutter guards can significantly reduce the build-up of leaves and twigs, which are potential fuel for fires. In these scenarios, the guards serve as a preventative measure, reducing the maintenance needed to keep gutters clear and diminishing the likelihood of fire spreading to the roof.

As we move to higher BAL ratings, like BAL-29, BAL-40, and especially BAL-FZ, the choice of gutter guards becomes more critical. In these high-risk areas, it’s recommended to use gutter guards that are specifically designed to be fire-resistant.
These guards are usually made from non-combustible materials like metal and are designed to withstand high temperatures and direct exposure to flames. The use of non-combustible gutter guards in these areas is not just a recommendation but often a regulatory requirement.

However, there are circumstances where gutter guards should be used cautiously or even avoided. In extremely high-risk areas, such as BAL-FZ, the effectiveness of gutter guards can be compromised due to the intense heat and direct flame contact. In these situations, it’s essential to consult with fire safety experts and use gutter guards that are rigorously tested and certified for use in such conditions.

Additionally, regardless of the BAL rating, it’s crucial to maintain gutter guards properly. Accumulated debris on top of the guards can still pose a fire hazard.
Regular gutter cleaning and inspection are necessary to ensure they function effectively as a part of the home’s overall fire defense strategy.

While they can be beneficial in reducing fire risks in moderate to high-risk areas, their material, design, and maintenance need to be carefully considered, especially in zones with extreme bushfire threats.

Your local council will have recommendations as to what your home requires

For homeowners in Australia, investing in gutter guards is a smart decision that safeguards their homes and simplifies maintenance, all while contributing to the overall efficiency and safety of their property.

In conclusion, gutter guards offer a range of benefits that are particularly suited to Australian homes. They mitigate the risks posed by the unique Australian environment, from bushfires to wildlife, and enhance the functionality and durability of gutter systems.
Get in touch with AWS roofing and we can give you some ideas about gutter guards for your home.

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