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Metal Roofing Vs Tile Roofing

The pros, cons and which roofing is best for your home?

The roof is one of the most important architectural elements of any home. The roofing material you choose is the first line of defense against the elements and the harsh Australian climate and protects your home’s interior.

When choosing a new roof for your home, you will probably have to decide between two of the most popular roofing materials: traditional tiles or metal roofing.

Whether you are building a new home or adding a new roof to an older home, the decision should be based on which material is more beneficial to your home. 
This begs whether a metal roof is better than a tile roof: Which roofing material is better?

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Weighing your options: Metal or tile roofing

Choosing a roof for your home, whether metal or tile, is really a personal decision. However, when deciding which material is best, you can’t ignore important factors. These factors include your location, the climatic conditions in your area, and your budget. Fortunately, there are many different types of roofing materials available today.

Metal and tile are the two most common roofing materials in Australia. To better understand these two roofing materials, consider the following.

Metal roofing vs. tile roofing: which is better?

Both metal roofs and tiles roofs are popular roofing materials for Central Coast homes, and both have their merits. 

It is often a matter of preference, but there are some significant differences between the properties of the two materials worth considering.
Although tile roofs are the paradigm of Australian roofing, Colorbond or Metal roofs have become much more popular in recent years. Whe
n choosing your new roof, it is best to read up on the properties of each material to make an informed and appropriate decision.

There is a lot to consider: 

  • budget
  • functionality
  • longevity
  • style
  • location

That’s why it’s important to thoroughly compare the two most popular roofing materials before making a last-minute decision. 

The Look Of Roof Tiles And Metal Roofing

Both tile and metal roofs have evolved in terms of design and appearance. However, metal roofs have the advantage in this area, as they are a better match for any architectural style. 

Design choices can also impact a property’s aesthetics and resale value. 

The appearance of roof tiles

Roof tiles are available in various profiles and contribute significantly to any home’s overall design and style. They are the traditional roofing material for Australian houses. However, some heritage buildings are located in areas where shingles are preferred over other materials, depending on the design and structure of your home’s roof.
Tiles can significantly enhance the value and charm of your home.
Tile roofs can look great when they are new or restored.
Over the years keeping your tile roof clean is paramount into keeping it looking good.

Metal Roofing Aesthetics 

If you are looking for an architectural statement roof, a metal roof offers more flexibility with shapes, colours and styling.
Metal roofs are characterised by their clean, smooth appearance. They offer a smooth, modern aesthetic and are available in over 22 colours. 

While a metal roof provides an exceptional finish to modern Australian homes, corrugated materials on older, more traditional homes can significantly enhance the overall aesthetic of the original theme. 
Metal roofing allows you to match your guttering and cladding to your roof while maintaining the style of your house’s façade.

Which One Is Better For Energy And Heat?

Metal roofs do not insulate so well.

A metal roof gets quite hot and conducts heat down through your house. But, on the other hand, it doesn’t help you much if heat escapes from your home. Of course, you can insulate your attic yourself with foam and layers of different materials. 
But tile roofs protect better and do not let as much heat into the house.

The thermal efficiency of Colorbond

Metal roofs are lightweight and reflect solar radiation, providing exceptional thermal insulation. Metal roofing materials reflect more of the sun’s heat to reduce air conditioning costs and retain heat in winter to keep the house warm. 

Metal roof and tile roof with heat

The thermal efficiency of roofing is energy efficiency; Metal roofing materials provide adequate thermal insulation for dwellings. 
Tiles can absorb heat, while new metal roofs use solar-reflective technology to reflect heat away from the house. 
Roof tiles rely on a solid, heavy thermal mass to make a house energy efficient, while metal roofs rely on proven technology to create a property more thermally efficient.

Energy Efficient

Both metal and concrete roof tiles offer advantages in terms of energy efficiency. 

The Cost Of A New Roof?

A metal roof is initially more expensive to install.
Both metal and tile roofs should last at least 50 years, with tile roofs lasting longer if they are in an optimal climate.
The significant advantage of a metal roof is that it is more durable and can withstand much rougher treatment than a tile roof. 
However, this does not matter if the roof is less exposed to wear and tear. If you live in an area where heavy storms are frequent, it is worth investing in a metal roof.

Cost of metal roofing versus tile roofs

The cost of roofing materials can vary considerably depending on several factors.
For example, metal roofing tends to be more expensive than tiles but can be the most economical option for a large part of the roof. 
A metal roof is also lighter than a tile roof, which means that not as many support beams are needed, reducing the cost of installation. 
In addition, metal roofing is often quicker to install than concrete or terracotta tiles, reducing labour costs.

However, tiles are usually a cheaper material.

It may be easier and cheaper for smaller projects to work with tiles. However, if you think about which option is more cost-effective, tiles are more affordable initially but require more repair and maintenance costs in the future. 
If you value long-term cost-effectiveness, a metal roof will be cheaper in the long run. 

The main factors affecting the roof installation cost are the roof construction, the roof structure, and the project’s scope.

The durability of tile roofing

Tile roofs are inherently durable and will continue to perform well as long as they are in good condition. Tiles are an especially durable option for those in corrosive environments, such as near the sea. 
Tiles are made of heavy, tough and robust materials; they will protect any house from the extremes of wind or hail.
Although relatively durable and robust, roof tiles can become brittle in certain weather conditions. 
Concrete, clay, slate and terracotta roof tiles can suffer significant damage if they are hit or stepped on too hard. 
Weathering can cause tiles to expand and shift, creating small gaps that lead to leaks. 

For this reason, many homeowners with tiles need to have their roofs regularly maintained and repaired.

Tiles are heavy and silent.

Tiles are usually very heavy and offer excellent sound insulation. Unlike metal roofs, tile roofs have excellent sound insulation and high acoustic performance. 
The thermal mass of tiles also helps regulate interior temperatures and provides thermal insulation. 

However, your roof structure must support the weight of a tile roof, as the materials are much heavier than other roofing materials.

This will add to the cost of a new home build.

Longevity of roof tiles

A tiled roof can last up to 100 years with regular maintenance, repair, and restorations, including repointing. Most manufacturers guarantee tile roofs for 50 years.
Tile roofs are built to last a long time and are robust and reliable roofing option when in optimal conditions.

Tile roofs are easier and cheaper to repair.

Yes – A tile roof is easier to repair when there is a small damaged area, But the tiles are easier to damage in the first place. 
They can crack and break during hail storms, tree branches falling and when they are stepped on.
Many tile roofs leak due to a crack in a tile or a tile moving when a contractor was on the roof either cleaning gutters, cleaning or installing solar panels.

Metal roofs are sturdier and are not damaged in storms or when contractors need to be up on the roof.
For this reason, most metal roofs do not need to be repaired unless they are badly damaged or pierced. 
A metal roof will not need any repairs for dozens of years in most cases.

Modern Metal Roofing?

You will have heard of a Colorbond roof. Colorbond is an Australian roofing brand, and it is an iconic brand! We install Colorbond, but we also install other equal brands.

We mainly install use an Australian made and owned brand that are local to the Central Coast. Ace Gutters manufactures the metal roofing we usually install.
DURAKOTE® is the roofing product by ACE gutters.
It is a painted steel product that has been designed specifically for the roof plumbing industry.

 DURAKOTE® is a highly durable painted steel product offering superior corrosion resistance, allowing it to withstand Australia’s harsh weather conditions.
For this reason, DURAKOTE® is supported by a 20 year Rainwater product Warranty covering gutters, fascia and downpipe and a 30-year Roofing Warranty.  


DURAKOTE® is manufactured from the world’s most recognised steel substrate Aluzinc (Al-Zn 55%), a substrate that complies with the standard ASTM A792M. 

The Paint Finish

DURAKOTE® also offers a superior paint finish using a high-quality polyester paint with an oven-baked finish that resists peeling & flaking.
Utilising a state of the art paint technology, DURAKOTE® paint finish has been designed to meet Australian standard AS2728.

Colour Choice

DURAKOTE® is available in various colours & will match any steel roofing colour available in the marketplace today. See our colour page for available colours
 Due to DURAKOTE® advanced coating system and superior grade substrate (AZ150), Ace Products are compatible with any painted steel roof.

They manufacture three roofing styles that we love and ideally suit the Central Coast.


Metal roofs are perfect for the Central Coast and are stylish, durable and hard-wearing. 
The new metal roofing technology is now far superior to original corrugated roofs in the past.
Original corrugated metal roofs corroded easily and required frequent repainting; ACE metal roofing products are pre-painted and sealed to prevent corrosion.

Maintenance of metal roofs

Metal roofs offer a robust, smooth surface and require relatively little maintenance. 
Regular cleaning and washing of your roof will maintain its performance for longer. Even when maintenance is required, there is little risk of damaging the steel sheets, as Colorbond or DURAKOTE® is remarkably durable.

Conclusion – Is metal better?

Both roofing types have their pros and cons.
When comparing roofing, both options offer truly exceptional roofing quality. 
Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and it all comes down to what best suits your home and design.

Whether you prefer the durability of tile or the intelligent technology of Colorbond or DURAKOTE®, your personal choice may be the deciding factor. Therefore, it is essential to research thoroughly before finding the best bespoke roofing solution for your property.

Installing or replacing a roof requires a professional roofing company’s expert advice and skill. 

AWS Roofing has been servicing and installing roofs on the Central Coast for over 20 years and can help you make the best and most reliable decision for your home. 

AWS Roofing are roof plumbers who specialise in installing metal roofing and can offer you an unrivalled roofing service that will provide the best protection for your home.
You can read some of our reviews for our happy customers.

If you are ready for a new metal roof on the Central Coast, contact AWS Roofing to get more information about the metal roofs that we install.

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