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Top Reasons To Paint Your Colorbond Roof

Colorbond roofing is an excellent choice for homeowners looking to refresh the overall appearance of their homes. You can paint an existing metal roof and you can repaint an already restored or painted roof.
Restoring a Colorbond roof can give it a completely new look while also increasing the value of your property.
This article will discuss the top reasons why you should consider painting your Colorbond roof, including extending the profile, changing colour, fading, stains, energy efficiency and corrosion.
Each of these issues can have serious implications for the long-term security and sustainability of your home if left unchecked. With this in mind, repainting a Colorbond roof is both an aesthetic and practical solution that can help ensure that your home remains safe for years to come.

1. Blending new roof sections with existing colour

The existing colour of the roof profile may not blend with the newly added section, making repainting a viable solution to ensure a more cohesive look. Painting a Colorbond roof can be an effective way to extend its lifespan and restore its original appearance. This process can also help to create a unified look for any new additions, creating an overall more attractive aesthetic.

Metal roofing paint is designed to last in Australia’s harsh climate, but the standard Colorbond is used commonly that comes in 22 different colours that are suitable for coastal, rural and urban Australian homes. Metal roofs are well-known for their durability and life expectancy, so when they start to age, it’s often because of fading caused by the sun. Therefore, painting your Colorbond roof ensures that it will look great for a long time.

With metal roofing paint, you have the freedom to choose from almost any shade imaginable; whether you want something vintage or modern, there is bound to be a colour that suits your home perfectly. It’s important to choose quality products when considering painting your Colorbond roof, as this will ensure maximum protection against all weather conditions while maintaining excellent colour retention over time.

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2. The existing roof colour is not up to your liking

It may be necessary to paint a metal roof if the existing colour is no longer desirable. The ability to select from various roof colours allows homeowners to personalise the appearance of their home and achieve any desired aesthetic. Changing the colour of a Colorbond roof can dramatically alter the overall appearance of a house and give it an updated, modern feel.

As we mentioned before, the range of available Colorbond colours includes 22 different shades that are divided into classic and modern tones. This gives homeowners a wide range of options when it comes to deciding how they want their roofs to look. Whether you want something delicate or bold, there will be a shade that suits your needs.
Additionally, all paints used by AWS Roofing are designed specifically for metal roofs and provide superior protection against fading caused by Australia’s harsh sun.

Painting your Colourbond roof is an excellent way to update its look without having to replace it entirely. It also offers added protection against UV rays and other elements that may cause harm over time, making it more durable in the long run. With so many great benefits, painting your Colorbond roof should definitely be something you consider if you are looking to freshen up your home’s exterior decor.

3. Faded roof colour

Fading of Colorbond roofs is a common occurrence. Metal roof painting will bring your roof back to life with the colour restored. The harsh Australian sun can contribute greatly to the fading of the roof, causing it to look dull or discoloured over time. While a faded roof may still be structurally sound, refreshing it can help improve the overall aesthetics of your home.

Painting a Colorbond roof is a great way to restore its original vibrancy and life while also protecting against further damage from the sun. It also allows you to choose from any shade of colour available in the Colorbond range, allowing you to customise and personalise your house as you see fit. Additionally, repainting can help reduce heat absorption, which will result in decreased cooling costs during the summer months. 

It is important that when repainting your roof, you use high-quality metal paint that has been designed for outdoor use and is specifically formulated for use on metal roofs. This type of paint provides superior adhesion and durability, ensuring even coverage and long-lasting protection for your Colorbond roof. 

4. Stubborn stains on your roof

Stubborn stains can be a common issue with a pale coloured Colorbond roof. The most common stains are environmental stains from bird and fruit bat droppings, tree sap and dirt that has built up over time.
To ensure the best possible quality finish on your roof, it is important that we clean and prepare the surface before painting properly.
All roofs that we paint do get cleaned but we need some extra time to remove stubborn marks on the roof. We need the roof surface to be clean and clear from dirt and grime so the paint goes on and adheres evenly.

When preparing your Colorbond Roof for a new coat of paint, it is essential that you take extra care when cleaning away these stubborn stains, as they can have an impact on how well the paint sticks to the surface and how long it lasts once applied. With proper preparation and careful consideration when selecting quality metal roofing paint, you will have no problem achieving beautiful results that will last for many years into the future!

It is advisable to entrust the painting of a Colorbond roof to skilled roof painters so that the work you have paid for is guaranteed to last.
There are many unscrupulous businesses that offer roof painting or roof restoration and the work that they do is of poor quality and you have no way of getting the work rectified.

5.Energy efficiency

Choosing a reflective roof paint or coating, you can harness the benefits of solar reflectivity. These coatings are designed to reflect a significant portion of the sun’s energy, including its heat and ultraviolet (UV) rays. As a result, less heat is absorbed by the roof, leading to a cooler building interior.

The reflective properties of an energy-efficient roof coating can help reduce the demand for air conditioning during hot weather. By minimizing heat absorption, the need for cooling systems is reduced, resulting in potential energy savings and lower electricity bills. Additionally, the reduced reliance on air conditioning can help alleviate the strain on the electrical grid during peak demand periods, contributing to a more sustainable and resilient energy infrastructure.

Moreover, energy-efficient roof coatings can have a positive environmental impact. By lowering the energy consumption required for cooling, less fossil fuel is burned for electricity generation, resulting in reduced greenhouse gas emissions. This helps mitigate the environmental impact associated with energy production and contributes to efforts in combating climate change.

It’s important to note that not all roof coatings are designed to be energy efficient. When considering energy efficiency, look for coatings specifically formulated for this purpose, such as those with a high solar reflectance index (SRI) or Energy Star certified products. AWS Roofing is all about helping homes on the Central Coast stay cooler and we will help you select the most suitable energy-efficient coating for your metal roof, taking into account factors such as climate, building orientation, and local regulations.

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6. Protecting against salt air corrosion

Salt air can cause corrosion of metal roofs, making it necessary to address this problem in order to protect them from further damage. Corrosion is something that many home owners on the Central Coast need to deal with.
To prevent further damage, painting a Colorbond roof with quality paint is an effective solution:

  • 1. Painting will provide an additional layer of protection against salt air corrosion as well as provide aesthetic appeal.
  • 2. It will also help extend the life of the roof by preventing further wear and tear due to exposure to the elements.
  • 3. It can also help maintain the roof’s original appearance for many years to come.

7. Sustainable solution

Painting your Colorbond roof can contribute to sustainability efforts by reducing waste and landfill usage associated with replacing roofs. In addition, revitalising an existing Colorbond roof through painting is an environmentally conscious choice.

Not only does this give added value to your property, but it also reduces energy costs through improved insulation over time. With so many advantages, repainting a Colorbond roof is certainly valuable if you want a sustainable solution that increases its life span without compromising on aesthetics or cost efficiency.

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