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Are gutters needed?

The seemingly simple metal device that runs along the edge of your roof has an essential job. 
Read on to find out why gutters are so important – and how you can make sure your gutters are doing the best job possible.

Those new to owning a home and keeping up home maintenance may wonder if well-maintained gutters are a vital part of their home’s exterior or just a decorative element of sorts.  While it’s true that neatly installed gutters provide a crisp, clean edge around the roof line of your home, their primary purpose is far from merely ornamental.

Roofers or roof plumbers such as AWS Roofing, install a guttering system on every new home built and exuisting homes needing gutter replacements.
Guttering or rainwater management is required on homes and building because their function is important and it is required by the building code. Diverting rain and storm water off the roof and away from the home’s foundation. This stormwater must also go into the storm water system to stop water runoff damage to neighbouring properties.

How can a little bit of rainwater cause damage?

No matter how gently the rain falls on your roof, the water accumulates as it runs off, creating water flow. If it is not drained away, it will damage your home’s interior, exterior, and surrounding property.

Water with nowhere to go will drain next to your home’s foundations. Excess water and foundations don’t mix. As the water pushes along the foundation, the soil erodes and can seep along the foundation, increasing the risk of structural instability.

Gutters that drain rainwater don’t just protect your home. 

Gutters drain water away and help prevent erosion by controlling water runoff. This protects the surrounding properties. They also protect your yard and surrounding properties. 

Without fully functional gutters and downspouts that safely control runoff, rainwater could make its way through your yard and your neighbours’ yards.
The runoff would form channels, pooling in low-lying areas and even destroying gardens, causing earth slides and flooding into neighbouring homes.

As long as gutters are well maintained, they are insurance against the future roof and moisture problems. 

In other words, they help rather than hurt. In most areas, gutters are necessary due to the local council and building guidelines.
Rooflines over a certain size need appropriate guttering and storm water management done.

Maintaining the gutters is an essential protective measure for your home.

If you don’t clean your gutter system, you’re just inviting problems because clogged gutters can be almost as bad as no gutters at all. Rainwater that collects in a blocked gutter or downspout can only drain over the gutter’s edge, rendering your gutter system virtually useless. 

And when leaves, twigs and other debris are left in during autumn and winter, making them heavy enough to detach from the house. 

Clogged gutters also increase the risk of water damage during a storm as the rainfall has nowhere to go. Excess water can be forced up under the eaves and into the roof cavity, causing damage to your ceiling.

Gutter cleaning and care

If you have conventional gutters on your house, you should clean them at least twice a year: once in spring and in autumn before winter comes. 
We have written an article about gutter cleaning.

You can do it yourself with a ladder and remove the debris by hand, which saves money but can be dangerous. 

You can pay to have a professional gutter cleaner clean out your gutters and downspouts. However, this can get expensive if your gutters need to be cleaned several times each year.

However, a third option can save you from ever having to take care of your gutters again. Instead of performing regular maintenance, you can get self-cleaning gutters.

Self Cleaning Gutters

ACE’s Half Round is a European style gutter with a semicircular design. With a 150mm diameter, it has a greater water capacity and the speed of the water travel is more significant than a conventional gutter allowing for clearing debris and silt and being self-cleaning. As the name suggests, Ace gutters combine the funnelling function of a traditional gutter that forces debris to be washed away and not build up. The result is a clean, clear gutter that is less likely to clog and needs less cleaning. See our guttering page for more information. Installing a leaf diverter is also another option you can install along with the down pipes.

Gutter guard or leaf guard

Gutter guards are another option you can consider if you have large sticks and leaves that fall on to your roof. We do install these gutter protection products but note that if you do have gutter guard installed, you still need to be able to inspect your gutters on a regular basis to ensure they are clean and water can freely flow. See our gutter guard page for more information

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